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Do you know your costumer?

No, we are not talking about knowing the full name, phone number, and address.

You will not believe this, but more than one business offer their services without knowing who they want to sell to; leaving to chance the type of client that they will obtain. This is practically blind selling or, what we call "marketing of faith", where the effort the business make is to wait for someone to call them or come into their business "by magic".

To avoid continuing to sell your service/product to "whoever likes it", we suggest you start by finding the answer to these few questions, so that you can identify the customer profile you want to attract.

  • What goals does your client have? (e.g. Healthy lifestyle, lose weight, change habits, etc.)

  • Besides your product/service, what their interests are? (e.g. Family, sports, education, technology, etc.)

  • What theirs demographics are? (e.g. Age, sex, gender, etc.)

If you need help finding your ideal client and developing strategies to attract more consumers with that profile, do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide guaranteed assistance.


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