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How do I get recommended?

Building trust with your costumers, must be one of your principal goals if you want a successful business.

It is easy to think that a good service or product is enough for our clients to recommend us. Unfortunately that is far from the truth. Although, being recommended is easier than it seems and here we share a key point to achieve it.

Offer an EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE. It is that simple.

Nowadays, service/product quality is not enough, but we have to go further and exceed the expectations of our customers. In order to achieve this, think about:

  • How you can give your costumers more than they expects to receive?

  • What are you willing to do that your competitors are not?

  • Would you pay for it?

What happens when we go to a restaurant and they offer you an appetizer from house courtesy? It enhance our experience and we recommend it to our friends. The exact same thing happens in your business; begin now to offer those experiences.

Don't forget to remind your costumers you would appreciate their recommendation if their expectations were satisfied. Don't be afraid, you already have costumers who loves your service, they will be glad to share about you.

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