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How many followers do you need to attract costumers?

This how you can start taking advantage of the powerful tool social media represents today. Regardless of the size of your accounts.

Good news is, organic posts are not the only way to advertise. And in fact, they are not considered the most effective. So we can avoid having to wait to build a solid base of followers on our social media in order to attract customers.

Indeed, we are talking about the use of ads or paid ads.The advantage of ads is that you can launch them without the need to have an account of many followers and still reach many people for a really affordable cost.

The objective of these is to direct traffic to a specific website, or to carry out a specific action such as a phone call, leave a message, write an email, etc.

We suggest you take these points into account to create an effective paid ad:

  • Identify your ideal client: if you do not know your ideal client, you will create a campaign to sell yourself.

  • Create an attention-grabbing introduction: remember that audience retention depends on the first 5-8 seconds of viewing.

  • Announce a single idea: avoid confusing your audience with multiple ideas in the same ad.

  • Pay attention to the image format: take into account if what suits you is a square, vertical or horizontal format depending on where you are going to advertise.

  • Analyze performance: test different types of ads and strategies and measure the results, you will find the segments and ad styles that provide the best performance.

We know that campaign creation processes are time consuming. That is why at Kairos Motion we help you create ad campaigns so that you turn your website and social networks into a true marketing tool.

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